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Lavaux vineyards collection Lavaux vineyards in winter captured here is the unique character of the area, the lines of vines that stretch across the hillside above Lac Leman. The small huts used to shelter from the elements dotted between the vines as the iconic views, a new twist on the familiar, the landscapes, the architecture, the people. The artwotk size A3 297x420 mm high quality inkjet printed foer art on thick texture paper with option of With or Without picture frame (Brich wood effect or Dark brown wood effect plus passepartrout).

*Other sizes on request

Lavaux vineyards winter Wall Art

PrixÀ partir de CHF30.00
  • Poster size A3 297x420 mm inkjet printed for art on thick texture paper


    *Option of with or without picture frame with 2 choose fo Brich wood effect and Dark brown wood effect

    *Other sizes on request

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